Pooled Investments

R.J. OASIS offers access to a variety of alternative investment strategies in a manner customized to the unique needs of each investor. Investors realize the features of a managed account while enjoying the protections and operational efficiencies of a fund investment.

OASIS Pooled Investments

Investors access each strategy through a series of the OASIS platform offering the following customizable features:

  • Commodity pools offering limited liability
  • Customized leverage features
  • Full transparency into underlying positions, cash, collateral, profit and loss
  • Custom reporting at portfolio, manager, sector and product level
  • Enhanced liquidity
  • Diverse strategy options
  • Lower minimum investment size

Market at a Glance

Dow Jones S&P 500 Emini ND

Quotes & Charts

Chg %Chg
Emini S&P 281100 1475 0.53
Cattle 12190 -5 -0.04
Hogs 7207 -97 -1.33
Corn 3524 10 0.28
Soybeans 9772 42 0.44
CBT Wheat 4226 -24 -0.59

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