Institutional Investors

The OASIS infrastructure offers institutional investors a number of unique features to simplify and streamline the investment process

Operational Efficiency

  • Investors are able to access multiple investment vehicles via a single access point
  • Customized reporting available for all investments in a single product infrastructure
  • Single back office point of contact for multiple investments

Transactional Efficiency

  • Weekly liquidity allows timely and efficient rebalancing within a single investment structure avoiding market drag from the traditional subscription and redemption process

Capital Efficiency

  • Custom leverage offers investors the opportunity to access strategies using only the capital necessary to support the risk associated with a given strategy

Enhanced Due Diligence and Risk Management

  • OASIS performs stringent due diligence on each manager and strategy prior to offering it to our client
  • Each OASIS strategy is subject to ongoing risk management to monitor compliance with agreed trading policies

Private Fund Structures

Individual managers can leverage the OASIS infrastructure to custom fund vehicles. They can avail themselves to our operational, accounting, compliance, due diligence and product expertise to create custom solutions based on market demand. Furthermore, they will enjoy the preferential fee structure OASIS has negotiated with it service providers.

In addition to the OASIS series, we are able to structure private labeled onshore/offshore vehicles, registered private placement, mutual funds, and structured products via our investment partners.

CTA Solutions

The OASIS infrastructure offers CTA’s the ability to streamline their operations by offering pooling of accounts and custom solutions.

  • Pooling of managed accounts on OASIS offers CTA’s a means to offer “managed account” style solutions without having to increase their operational burden
  • OASIS will accept lower minimum account sizes to accommodate investors not otherwise eligible to invest
  • CTA’s can use OASIS to offer additional leverage options not featured in the flagship fund
  • Flexible fee options for custom mandates