CTA Programs

Managed futures allow investors to leverage a CTA's expertise, experience, and resources in order to outperform traditional assets while limiting draw downs through active risk management. A listing of OASIS approved CTA's and their programs can be found on CTA Database.

Want to learn how to invest through a separately managed futures account? Click here to contact R.J. OASIS today to request CTA performance data, program descriptions, or how to build a portfolio of CTA programs.

OASIS Manager Database

Market at a Glance

Dow Jones S&P 500 Emini ND

Quotes & Charts

Chg %Chg
Emini S&P 276750 -475 -0.17
Cattle 11225 -82 -0.73
Hogs 5160 -70 -1.34
Corn 3670 -36 -1.01
Soybeans 8566 -66 -0.78
CBT Wheat 5146 16 0.34

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