Are you a Financial Advisor?

Below you will find the necessary forms to help you create an R.J. OASIS account. Some customers may need additional documents to complete the process. For example, international customers will need to complete the W-8 form. These documents are available by selecting from the Additional Forms list. Print, read, sign, date and return all appropriate forms to your OASIS representative. Remember, your account must be funded before you can begin trading.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader click here to download for free.

Pooled Investments Accounts

In order to access CTA strategies through the RJ Oasis platform please call (800)453-6855 or e-mail

Separately Managed Futures Accounts

If you are interested in opening an individual, joint, trust, corporate-limited liability company account please choose from the forms below. If you need help choosing a CTA, please call (800)453-6855 or e-mail

Step 1: Choose Account Type

Step 2: Read Disclosure Booklet

Step 3: CTA Disclosure Document and Account Forms

  • To receive CTA specific forms please contact your broker or call (800)453-6855

Step 4: Return forms to your broker for processing or to

  • Email:
  • Mail: Attention: RJ OASIS
    222 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 900, Chicago IL, 60606

Other Account Forms:

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CBT Wheat 4614 -16 -0.38

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